Welcome to The Happy Works!
Glad to see y’all here! The Happy Works’s purpose is to help you create a happier workplace. Whether you do the important work in the People Department of a company, lead a team of talented people, or have had the courage to follow your dream and start up your own business, you will find here handy tools to manage the candidate and employee experience from the happiness perspective.

Why Happiness Matters?
I have never heard a dedicated HR pro, an inspiring people leader, or a passionate small business owner say that they don’t want their employees to be happy at work. Indeed, we all want our organizations to be known as happy workplaces where people work hard and have fun while doing it. But the goal of workplace happiness is more than just being able to add a #workhardplayhard in the Instagram photos that you posted from the latest team building event. There is a number of reasons why every organization should be concerned about their employees’ happiness. Perhaps some of the most striking reasons are the facts that happy employees perform better and that happy employees stay with you longer. That’s right. They serve your clients better, they are more productive, and they show more resilience in difficult times. No matter how talented people you hire, they are not going to reach their top results if they dread Mondays. And think about all that time, effort, and yes, money, that you can save by not having to hire and onboard replacements so frequently. Summing up, you don’t just want your employees to be happy at work, you need them to be happy for the sake of your organization’s future.

So How Do You Turn Your Employees into Happy High Performers?
Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. Workplace happiness is not about a monthly team lunch or Friday happy hours- don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a cold drink after a week of hard work. But creating a truly happy workplace takes a lot of time and effort and requires a long-term commitment.
The Happy Works’s purpose is to help you on your mission by giving you the tools you need to create a happy workplace. You will find here articles, guides, and how-tos to manage the full employee life-cycle from the happiness perspective, including:

  • Hiring. How to create positive candidate experiences and find the right people that fit into your culture.
  • Onboarding. How to set your new hires up for a success from the very beginning.
  • Process Design. How to create the processes that are just right to support your team’s hard work.
  • Retaining Talent. How to recognize and address issues in your team and make the best people stay with you for a long time.
  • Culture. How to build and maintain your awesome company culture.
  • Employer Branding. How to tell the world that your team loves Mondays and attract the top talent in the future.
  • Letting Go. How to say, “goodbye,” and offboard properly when it’s time to go.

About Me
My name is Anni Virkkunen, I am an HR Consultant and Career Coach with a background in digital marketing. Originally from Finland, my path has taken me to the beautiful city of Barcelona through Germany and Texas.
I discovered my passion for creating happy workplaces (and for country music, but let’s not go there now) while working for a small digital marketing agency in Houston, Texas. In a small company, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different things, even outside of my Marketing Coordinator job description. Among these things were hiring and training new team members, designing and implementing new processes and workflows, and suggesting improvements in the company policies.
I absolutely loved this part of my job. I loved seeing the positive impact that I could make in the company and in the team. I will be forever grateful to my managers in this company for helping me find my passion and supporting me to follow it.
When I moved back to Europe, I decided to gear my career toward HR because I believed that to be the way I could help more people to be happy at work. So far during my HR career, I have built a completely new team from scratch, designed and implemented processes for different stages of the employee lifecycle, and participated in various company culture and talent retention initiatives. At the moment, I work full-time as a Career Advisor in a business school, helping the students and recent graduates to figure out the next steps in their careers. I started this blog to pursue my passion for happy workplaces, to keep learning, and to share my learnings with others.

Ready to Work Happy?
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