Welcome to The Happy Works!

Glad to see y’all here! The Happy Works’s purpose is to create happier workplaces. We do this by providing support and guidance to employers and to individual job seekers and employees who believe that happiness matters as much as we do.

As an employer, you will find here handy tools to manage your candidate and employee experience from the happiness perspective. As an individual job seeker or employee, we help you to take the steps in your career so that you can find the right place for you and reach your professional goals.

Why Does Happiness Matter?

There is a number of reasons why every organization should be concerned about their employees’ happiness. Perhaps some of the most striking reasons are the facts that happy employees perform better and that happy employees stay with the organization longer. That’s right. Happy employees serve your clients better, they are more productive, and they show more resilience in difficult times. No matter how talented people you hire, they are not going to reach their top results if they dread Mondays. And think about all that time, effort, and yes, money, that you can save by not having to hire and onboard replacements so frequently. Summing up, you don’t just want your employees to be happy at work, you need them to be happy for the sake of your organization’s future.

As an employee, workplace happiness is just as important to you as it is to your employer. If you are in a role that doesn’t align with your strengths or career goals, it is normal that you are not jumping out of excitement every weekday morning. Similarly, if you work for an organization that has a culture or values that don’t match with yours, you are most likely to miserable and not willing to give your 110% every day. Both of these scenarios can negatively impact your career. Instead, when you are in the right role, working for the right organization, you will be happier, more motivated, and perform better which will help you to reach your professional goals.

About Me

My name is Anni Virkkunen, I am an HR Consultant and Career Coach with a background in digital marketing. Originally from Finland, my path has taken me to the beautiful city of Barcelona through Germany and Texas.

I discovered my passion for creating happy workplaces (and for country music, but let’s not go there now) while working for a small digital marketing agency in Houston, Texas. In a small company, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different things, even outside of my Marketing Coordinator job description. Among these things were hiring and training new team members, designing and implementing new processes and workflows, and suggesting improvements in the company policies. I absolutely loved this part of my job. I loved seeing the positive impact that I could make in the company and in the team. I will be forever grateful to my managers in this company for helping me find my passion and supporting me to follow it.

When I moved back to Europe, I decided to gear my career toward HR because I believed that to be the way I could help more people to be happy at work. As an HR professional, I have a well-rounded talent acquisition and retention experience. I have recruited a completely new team from scratch, onboarded and trained new employees, and designed and implemented HR processes and company policies for different stages of the employee lifecycle. As a Career Coach, I help individual job seekers in different seniority levels and industries to reach their career goals. At the moment, I work full-time as a Career Advisor in a business school, helping undergraduate and graduate students to start off their careers or make a career change.

Ready to Work Happy?

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