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Welcome to The Happy Works!

Glad to see y’all here! The Happy Works’s purpose is to build well-being at workplaces. We do this by providing concrete tools for organizations and individuals who believe that well-being and happiness at work matter as much as we do.

Why Do Happiness and Well-Being at Work Matter?

You get it. Whether you do the important work in the People & Talent (HR) Department of a company, lead a team of talented people, or have had the courage to follow your dream and start up your own business, you want your employees to be happy. Not only because it is a pretty thought and nice thing to do for them but also because you know that happy and healthy employees are more productive and impact your bottom line.

Many studies have shown that investing in employee well-being leads to multiplied savings in costs related to absenteeism, medical costs (see for example here), and employee turnover. Happy employees get sick less and they stay with you longer which helps you save in hiring and onboarding costs. Happy employees also achieve better results than unhappy employees. They serve your clients better, they are more productive, and they show more resilience in difficult times. No matter how talented people you hire, they are not going to reach their top results if they dread Mondays.

Getting it is the first step. But how do you take action and turn your employees into happy and healthy high performers?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. Workplace well-being and happiness is not about a monthly team lunch or Friday happy hours. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a cold drink after a week of hard work. But creating a truly happy workplace takes a lot of time and effort and requires a long-term commitment from everyone.

Here at The Happy Works, we help you by providing you and your team with concrete tools to boost happiness and well-being. Take a look at the free articles and guides on our blog and our customized workshops.

Who Is Responsible for Workplace Well-Being and Happiness?

At The Happy Works, we believe that both, the organization and the employee, are responsible for well-being and happiness at work. We also believe that different things make different people happy.

The organization is responsible for ensuring for example that the work environment is safe, that there is no bullying and harassment at the workplace, that the right people are hired for the right roles, and that the employees have all the tools and resources they need to complete their work.

On the other hand, individual employees are responsible for taking care of their own well-being, choosing an organization that shares the same values with them, and picking a job that fits their strengths and goals. When you are in the right role, working for the right organization, you will be happier, healthier, more motivated, and perform better which will help you to reach your professional goals.

Ready to Work Happy?

Set up a free consultation call if you are looking to improve your employees’ well-being and happiness at work. We would love to help you to build a happier workplace.

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Now, we have some happiness to work on.

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