Employees and Job Seekers

If you have found your way here, that is because you don’t simply want any job. You don’t want a place where you show up from Monday to Friday with the only purpose of being able to pay your bills. No, you are here because you want a job that makes you happy. That happiness might come from doing what you love the most, being in a friendly work environment, getting recognition for your work, or having career development and learning opportunities.

Our purpose at The Happy Works is to help you to find that happiness. While the organization that you work for is responsible for securing a non-toxic environment and other basic rights for every employee, you are ultimately the only person who is in charge of your career and how happy or unhappy it is making you. It is your responsibility to set your career goals, to carefully choose the company you want to work for, and to find joy in your day-to-day. And if for some reason you are not happy with your job anymore, it is on you to change it one way or another. To help you along the way, you will find here articles and guides on topics such as:

  • Setting Your Career Goals. How to determine the professional path that will make you happy and to set your career goals.
  • Job Hunt. How to be selective on job opportunities and find a company culture that matches with your values.
  • Motivating Yourself. How to rediscover the passion for what you do and to find happiness in the day-to-day.
  • Professional Development. How to find opportunities for career growth and development.
  • Influencing Your Surroundings. What you can do as an employee to make the workplace better for everyone, and when it is worth the effort.

If you are looking for more individual career coaching, get in touch with The Happy Works by using our contact form.