We offer the following services to build a happier and healthier workplace with you. If you don’t see the exact service you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Workplace Well-Being Strategy

We analyze the current state of your employee well-being, covering physical, mental, and social aspects of well-being. Based on the analysis, we help you identify the areas of improvement and to design solutions to them.

Deliverable: A detailed and documented strategy including analysis the current situation, the identified areas of improvement, and the solutions. Our support implementing the solutions and following up on the results.

Internal Process Design

We help you design, document, and implement internal processes that put employees front and center. We can help you design:

  • Recruitment processes
  • Onboarding processes (company-wide and for specific teams)
  • Offboarding processes
  • Internal communication processes

Deliverable: A documented and detailed process. Our support implementing the process and following up on the results.

Happiness Workshops

Our happiness workshops help you to identify the strengths of each team member and to make everyone accountable for happiness at work. During the workshops, your team identifies the things that they like about working for the organization, the things that they don’t like, the things they are really good at and enjoy doing, and the things they could do better. We craft solutions and create an action plan together that will help everyone to commit in building a happier and healthier workplace.

Deliverable: 1-3 workshops. An action plan for every participant.

Note: The happiness workshops work great for teams of 5-15. They can also be adapted to groups of job seekers or people looking to make a career change as it helps the participants to visualize the job that really makes them happy.

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