We offer workshops and series of workshops for organizations and groups of individuals who want to improve their well-being and happiness at work.

Every workshop or workshop series is customized to your needs and we work in an interactive way. We always use an employee-centered methodology understand what your employees need and design concrete solutions that help you improve happiness and well-being.

Some examples of workshops that we do:

Workshop: Build Your Own Happiness. Understanding what you need from a job in order to be happy.

You will leave with a concrete tool that will help you to apply for the right kind of jobs in the right companies OR to modify your current job to be more suitable for you. This workshop works great for a group of individuals. Length: 4 hours.

Workshop Series: Building a Happy Workplace. Improving the happiness of your team.

During this series of workshops, we focus on understanding your current situation, detecting areas of improvement and deciding on the most urgent ones, finding solutions together with you and your team, and creating an action plan and implementing the changes. Finally, we measure the results of the actions taken. This workshop works well for a team or a company. Length: TBD

Your Customized Workshop! Let us know what you need and we will customize a workshop for you.

Ready to work happy? Get in touch with us by filling out our contact form below! The first consultation call is free of charge.

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