Your Journey to Well-Being at Work

You get it. Whether you do the important work in the People & Talent (HR) Department of a company, lead a team of talented people, or have had the courage to follow your dream and start up your own business, you want your employees to be happy. Not only because it is a pretty thought and nice thing to do for them but also because you know that happy and healthy employees are more productive and impact your bottom line.

Getting it is the first step. But how do you take action and turn your employees into happy and healthy high performers?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. Workplace well-being and happiness is not about a monthly team lunch or Friday happy hours. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a cold drink after a week of hard work. But creating a truly happy workplace takes a lot of time and effort and requires a long-term commitment from everyone.

Here at The Happy Works, we build workplace well-being on five key areas: physical factors (the physical work environment and the physical strain that the work puts on the employees), social factors (the social environment and relations with others at the workplace), skills and strengths (how well an employee’s strengths and professional skills match the role), individual factors (such as life style and ability to manage stress), and cultural fit (the fit between the employee’s and organization’s values).

We see the process of improving workplace well-being as a journey (see image below). During this journey, we focus on understanding your current situation (where are we), detecting areas of improvement (where do we want to go), finding solutions together with you and your team (how do we get there), and creating an action plan and implementing the changes (let’s go). By involving everyone, we increase the commitment to create a happier and healthier workplace. Finally, we measure the results of the actions taken.

Ready to embark on your workplace well-being journey?

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